Object Title

Right pauldron and vambrace

Right pauldron and vambrace



Object Number

II.99 G


Tower arsenal.

Physical Description

The right arm defence is composed of a pauldron and vambrace permanently riveted together. The pauldron is composed of a main plate with four lames above and four below. At the centre of the upper lame is a slot and buckle, probably original. The lames are articulated by modern leathers at the centre, front and rear of the lower lames, and by sliding rivets at the rear of the upper lames. At front and rear of the main plate is a rosette of rivets. The vambrace comprises an upper cannon with a turner, joined by two articulating lames above and below a bracelet couter, and a lower cannon fastened by a sprung stud on the outside and hinged at the inside. The main edges have plain inward turns, these and the subsidiary edges bordered by single incised lines. The wing of the couter has a single medial line. The exterior is bright


Dimensions: length 630 mm, width 180 mm, depth 245 mm Weight: 2140 g

Inscriptions and Marks

No marks.


Places Netherlands