Object Title

Left tasset

Left tasset



Object Number

II.99 E


Tower arsenal.

Physical Description

The left tasset is composed of twelve lames overlapping upwards, the lowest deep with a decorative rosette of rivets, articulated on sliding rivets at the outside and modern leathers at the centre and inside. The main edges have plain inward turns with recessed borders and single incised lines. At the outer edge some original rivets with leather fragments survive. The subsidiary edges are cusped at the articulation points and bordered by single incised lines. At the outside of the upper plate is a mushroom headed stud. At the front is a modern strap. Permanently attached is the poleyn with two lames above and two below, the lowest pointed. The main plate has a heart-shaped wing and a vertical rib at the centre. The exterior is bright. The lowest lame has a riveted repair at the outside.


Dimensions: height 690 mm, width 310 mm Weight: 1985 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Painted inside 2/71 and T?.


Places Netherlands