Object Title

Close helmet

Close helmet


about 1640

Object Number

II.99 A


Tower arsenal.

Physical Description

The skull of the close helmet is made in one piece with a roped comb, pivoted to the later lower bevor and fastened at the right with a swivel hook and pierces stud, both fitted with later double gorget plates at the neck and rear. The main edges of these have plain inward turns bordered by decorative round headed rivets. The later upper bevor is prow-shaped, pierced with a rosette of holes at the right and a notch above these for the lifting peg of the visor, which has two sights and extends as a reinforce over the skull. The exterior is bright. There is a large riveted repair at the left side of the skull, and a brazed repair at the right temple.


Dimensions: height 315 mm, width 180 mm, depth 310 mm Weight: 2470 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Inside the skull is a construction mark, II.


Places Netherlands