Object Title

Artillery helmet - Kugelhelm Modell 1895

Artillery helmet - Kugelhelm Modell 1895


about 1900

Object Number



Presented 26 July 2008. Previously deposit B.0672 3.

Physical Description

Of black lacquered leather, the surface cracking slightly in places. Brass-coloured metal fittings. Helmet plate of the heraldic Prussian eagle (crowned eagle holding an orb and a sceptre in claws) with FR on chest and a scripted banner with motto. Topped with the unusual Kugel-type finial, rather than the usual spike, with 2 ventilation holes beneath the finial. Finial is loose. Rear spine running from beneath finial to edge of back peak. Visor edged with brass trim. Side posts for chin straps are 2 tri-colour cockades, one on each side of the head. The left one is black, white, black; and the right one is black, white, red. The painted surface of both is flaking. Black leather chin strap with 2 buckles sits to the rear of the helmet, above the back peak. Inner lining is of brown leather, with 10 leather flaps pointed toward the centre.

Inscriptions and Marks

FR (on the eagle's chest)
helmet plate
Scripted bannerhelmet plate
Handwritinginside of helmet
handwritten in black
Handwritinginside of helmet
handwritten in white
Handwritingunderside of back peak
handwritten in black
underside of back peak
stamped in black ink


Places Germany