Object Title

Mail sleeves

Mail sleeves



Object Number

VI.655 A


Purchased from Czerny's International Auction House, Piazza V. Veneto 17, 19083 Sarzana, Italy, 6 February 2007. Previously on deposit B.0495. From a private collection in North Italy, purchased just after 1945 by the previous owner as a mail shirt with associated mail sleeves and fabric components. Prior to this the object belonged to the Marzoli collection in Brescia from pre 1903 until it was sold into the collection of Enrico Minervino of Milan.

Physical Description

Area of coarse fabric forming shoulders and two sleeves of mail. On examination it is clear that the mail of the sleeves and that of the 'body' is of quite different character, as that of the sleeves is butted and modern while that of the 'body' is of riveted and solid construction. The fabric is obviously modern, and is printed in ink with a product code (illegible) presumably for the product it originally contained. Planned to removed these later additions from the crinet.



Dimensions: Each sleeve is: length: 630 mm; width: 190 mm; the jacket max width: 1300 mm; height: 360 mm.

Inscriptions and Marks

No marks.


Places Italy