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I.215 5


Purchased Sotheby's Illustrated Book Sale, 26 July, 1984, Lot 463. Ex Gardner Collection: see Sale Catalogue in Dr. Williams' Tower Scrapbook, I.287, May, 1924: lots 2061-3 contained 86 items relating to the Tower Menagerie.

Physical Description

One of a group of eight posters advertising the 19th century Tower Menagerie, listing the attractions. All have rust marks, from paper clips.
5. 'The King's Menagerie Royal, Tower of London.' 'Mr. Cops has imported by the last East India Fleet, the greatest collection of Reptiles... Six Boa Constrictor Serpents ... Four Annaconda Serpents ...' Detailed lists of monkeys and an 'Alligator from the River Nile', and the 'Esquimaux Dog, brought from the North Pole by captain Parry on his last Expedition'. The last appearance of the 'Sashe with three Blood Hounds' which is also in 1-4. Imprint: 'R. McCarrall, Printer, 21 Houghton-St., Newcastle-St., Strand.' Mounted on paper, numbered 41/4 in lower left hand corner.


Dimensions: 5. 17.25 in x 7.25 in (43.8 cm x 18.5 cm)


Places England