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Physical Description

Hilt: brass cap pommel; knuckle guard; grip.
Pommel: oval section, encasing the upper portion of the grip with an extension at the back. It flares outwards slightly and is crowned with a large semi-ovoid tang button. A slot in the front of the skirt receives the hook of the knuckle guard.
Knuckle guard: brass, and incorporating the single rear quillon in a single sweep. The knuckle guard recurves towards the blade before joining the pommel. The quillon curves towards the blade and terminates in a thick discoid finial. A widening at the junction of quillon and knuckle guard accomodates the hole for the tang. At its junction with the blade, this widened portion of the guard contains an oval recess accomodating a leather buff piece.

Grip: of wood covered with black leather and bound in an open spiral with stranded brass wire, only a small portion of which remains beneath the skirt of the cap pommel.

Blade: curved, single edged tapering to a point and with a wide fuller each side commencing 10 mm from the guard and terminating approximately 150 mm from the point. At the forte, the front edge of the blade is rounded, gradually blending into the edge proper. The back of the blade is flat and has the incised inscription
'Manuf're ----- elerault Mars 1833'


Dimensions: Overall length: 955 mm (37.625 in), blade length: 81 mm (31.875 in) Weight: 940 gm (33.6 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped on the blade, close to the hilt:1. a circle with the letter 'W'2. a circle with the letter 'R'.On the knuckle guard, the above two marks repeated, along with the number '1' in a rectangular panel.


Places France


See C. Ariès, 'Armes Blanches Militaires Françaises', 30 vols and index, 1966-1990, Fasc 2, 1967, figs 1-7, for examples with a fleur de lys on the pommel