Object Title

Left tasset

Left tasset



Object Number

III.4779 b


From the armoury of the Knights of St John on Rhodes, acquired by the Paris dealer Bachereau about 1900, acquired about 1970 by Robin Wigington, for the Arms and Armour Museum Stratford upon Avon. Formerly on deposit (B.0458)

Physical Description

Composed of a single, pentagonal plate, with a point at the base and a medial ridge. The inner side edge is concave, and has a boxed outward turn. The upper edge is fitted with two modern iron buckles for attachment to the fauld. The exterior is heavily patinated.


Dimensions: height 235 mm, width 205 mm Weight: 332 g

Inscriptions and Marks

No marks.


Places Italy


Compare Sanctuary B2, B3 (Boccia 1982, tav. 256, 263, 268-9; 295, 303-4), Vienna A3 and A111 (Boccia 1982, tav. 126, 203) and Zurich LM 4955 (Boccia 1982, tav. 168). In sculpture, compare, for example, the tassets on Antonio da Carrarra's portrait of Fransesco Sforza, about 1490, Museo Civico, Vicenza (Boccia, Morin & Rossi, 1979, pl. 76).