Object Title

Close helmet

Close helmet



Object Number

II.360 A

Physical Description

The close helmet has a two part skull joined in a high comb with a file roped top; the rear gorget plate is intergral with the skull. Around the inner edge are the remains of canvas lining, attached by lining rivets with washers. The upper and lower bevor and visor are pivoted on large headed rivets at either side, chiselled with eight nointed asterisks. The visor has a pair of vision slits, and reaches a sharp point at the front. The upper edge of each slit is flanged and file roped, but not turned. The replacement lifting peg at the right is accommodated in a square notch in the upper bevor, which has an outwardly turned and file roped upper edge, and a pointed keel which is slightly concave in section. It is pierced on either side with two sets of nine holes in rosette formation. At the lower right edge is a pierced quadrangular stud which is engaged by a swivel hool on the lower bevor. Each plate of the armour is etched and gilt with an overall design of interlacing eared snakes in vertical bands, joined by diagonally interlacing spindly foliage with occasional flowers, amongst which are perching predatory birds, flying parrots, various insects, including grasshoppers and dragonflies, snails (some winged), long eared squirrels and gambolling hares. The surface, though blackened with rust, appears as bright steel where protected. The borders, which accompany each turned edge, are etched with a simple scrolling foilage frieze on a hatched ground. The comb of the close helmet is etched with a more complex scrolling foliage frieze on a hatched ground. Both border types are all gilt, and are bordered on either side by plain gilt bands.


OverallDepth325 mm
OverallHeight320 mm
OverallWeight2.75 kg
OverallWidth250 mm

Inscriptions and Marks



Places France