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64 pr gun - 64 pr Millar Pattern RML

64 pr gun - 64 pr Millar Pattern RML



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This gun is a converted 8-inch smooth-bore gun of 65 cwt on the system invented by Colonel William Palliser where a wrought-iron rifled barrel (using three grooves) is inserted into the cast-iron casing. Most of this work was carried out at the Royal Gun Factory commencing in 1863. The rifling grooves are plain and the rifling one turn in forty calibres. Nominal length of the gun was 108 inches with total length 123 inches. The original 8-inch shell gun was of the Millar pattern (after Lieutenant-General William Millar) and made at the Woolwich Arsenal around 1834.


Serial Number 721


6.29 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Left trunnion: RGF No 721 I 1874 Right trunnion: vertical and horizontal line


Places Britain


The gun sits on a reproduction medium carriage No.24 manufactured by the Ancient Monuments Branch of the Ministry of Works in 1963. On the left hand cheek is a plate that reads CARRIAGE, MEDIUM, NO.24 WD (with Broad Arrow) RCD 1890 Reproduction 1963 CWT 12 1/2. This carriage sits on a reproduction dwarf traversing platform. Stamped on rear is AM 1963. The two joiners responsible were Albert Turrell and Gerald Widdicombe. At the time this was thought to be the first coast defence traversing siege carriage built since they were last produced by the War Department between 1885 and the 1890s. See A.C. Carpenter, Guns and Carriages, Halsgrove (Devon, 1999), pp.63-4. This gun is fired on two occasions a year by the Portsdown Artillery Volunteers totalling 20 rounds.