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Left tasset

Left tasset



Object Number

II.392 e


Purchased from the Earl of Meath, through Christies, London, 13 July 1987. From the collection of the Earl of Meath at Kilruddery, Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland, conservaed at the Tower in 1965 and placed on loan AL.4 there from 30 May 1971.

Physical Description

Each tasset is of nine lames terminating above the knee, with a deep lower lame. The lames are articulated by sliding rivets at the outside and by leathers at the centre and inside. The inside edges have partial inward turns, the outer edges have been cropped probably in their working lives on all but the upper two lames of the right tasset and the lower three of the left. The lower main edges have double recessed borders, the outer ones containing ten and nine modern lining rivets (right and left). Original flush lining rivets survive on right 8 and left 3, otherwise all rivets are modern. The tassets are decorated with sprays of ten flutes, the subsidiary edges cusped with the fluting. The outer borders, two central flutes and the outer borders of the lower edges are etched and formerly gilt with scrolling foliage on a hatched ground, broadly matching that of the fauld. The lowest lame of each tasset is associated, having cross hatched ground, lame 5 of the right tasset has three etched flutes, while all the others have hatched grounds, suggesting they are composed from three similar armours. The right tasset has a working life repair on lame 6, a modern repair on lame 1 and some brazing on lame 7. The left tasset has working life repairs on lames 3, 5 and 6, a modern repair on lame 1 and some brazing on lame 7.


Dimensions: right tasset height 275 mm, width 220 mm; left tasset height 268 mm, width 202 mm Weight: right tasset 690 g, left tasset 660 g

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Places Italy

Bibliographic References

T Richardson 'The 'Iesus Autem Transies' armour', The Armourer, Summer, 1988 (with the wrong illustration)


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