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Purchased from Mr A. Lumley (dealer), 4 July 2005. Formerly deposit B.0388/1.

Physical Description

The fluted grip is made up of two scales of wood, riveted to the long tang. The steel cross is of oval section and bears a fluted shell-shaped guard riveted at its centre.
The straight blade is single edged, for most of its length, terminating in a spearpoint.



Dimensions: Overall length: 1035 mm (40 3/4 in), blade length: 753 mm (29 5/8 in .) Weight: 1110 gm (2 lb 7 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Unidentified makers mark on one side of blade. The same or a very similar mark appears on the blade of the sword sold in Munich in 2008 (see notes below).


Bibliographic References

Withers, Harvey J., 'The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Swords and Sabres', London: Lorenz Books, p.116 (illus.) (top)


This type of sword (the 'Grosse Messer'or 'Langes Messer') is discussed and illustrated in Sietz, Heribert,'Blankwaffen', Vol 1, Braunschweig: Klinkhardt & Bierman, 1965, p.194-5, 197. Similar swords, of sabre form, are described as 'Heibmesser' in Wagner, Eduard, 'Cut and Thrust Weapons', London: Spring Books (Paul Hamlyn),1967, pp. 203, 208, pl. 3, and dated to the 'first quarter of the 16th century'. Wagner also notes that 'Originally it was a burgher's weapon, as early as the 15th century. Later it was used by the nobles when dressed in knightly attire.' (p.203). Other examples are to be found in Vienna. A similar example came up for sale at 'Herman Historica, Munchen, 56 Auktion', 9 October 2008 (Lot 564). That example was dated to 1520.


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