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Light Burgonet

Light Burgonet



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Purchased at auction, Sotheby's, Olympia, 15 December 2004 lot 136 From the indigenous armoury at Schloss Frondesburg in Styria, Austria.

Physical Description

The helmet has a one piece skull with a tall, roped comb, flaring at the back into a neckguard of three lames overlapping downward, articulated on sliding rivets at either side, and originally on a leather, for which the pairs of flush rivets survive, at the centre. Above is a fragment of the original leather on a single round headed rivet. At the front is a pivoted peak with a narrow flange. The main edges of the peak and the lowest lame of the tail have roped inward turns over wire, that of the tail bordered by three decorative rivets. Round the base of the skull are six flush lining rivets at the front, and three out of an original four round headed lining rivets with roughly circular washers at the rear. The front left of these is missing. The rear flush rivet and front round headed rivet at the right retain fragments of leathers for the missing cheekpiece. At the base of the comb at the rear is a pair of rivet holes for a missing plume holder. The lowest sliding rivet at the right of the tail is missing, and the second pair up are modern. The exterior is rough from the hammer and patinated.



Dimensions: height 330 mm, width 248 mm, depth 390 mm Weight: 1310 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped at the front of the peak R. Inside construction marks II on each component.


Places Germany


This form of burgonet is particularly interesting as it is closely related to that of the harquebus pot of the 17th century.