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Purchased from Andrew Lumley, 31 October 2005. From a private collection in Germany. From the armoury of the Knights of St. John on Rhodes, acquired by the Paris dealer Bachereau about 1900, purchased about 1920 by Luigi Marzoli, Brescia. (Verbal information from A. Lumley).

Physical Description

Formed of one piece, with a medial ridge, short tail, plain edge, and U-shaped face opening. At either side are two flush rivets for the chin straps. There is some evidence for a row of lining rivets above these, but the whole, especially the upper part, is very heavily corroded and resored by welding; the interior has been filled to a homogeous brown, and the exterior ground and polished bright.


Dimensions: length 253 mm, width 182 mm, height 210 mm Weight: 1820 g

Inscriptions and Marks

No marks.



Other sallets of this type from Rhodes include one formerly in the Curtis collection and another in an American private collection, respectively Karcheski and Richardson 2000 nos 1.18 and 1.20. Like the latter this was never fitted with a nape lame or brow reinforce.