Object Title

Ammunition box

Ammunition box



Object Number

XIX.893 A

Physical Description

Stitched leather ammunition box positioned at front of limber on the platform plate. Two steel straps with eyes are affixed to either side of the box and run from the front, underside and to the rear. Two smaller L-shaped steel fixtures were fitted to the rear of the box on either side, the left-hand side of which is missing. All the metalwork was used to attached the box to the platform plate. On top of a three-hinged leather lid are two leather handles attached to straps that enclose the whole box. Lifting the lid reveals a leather flap fixed on one side to protect the contents. Underneath the flap are five compartments separated with leather partitions. Across the rear of the box are six spaces, on the left-hand side two and on the right two spaces for two cartridges each. Across most of the fore part of the box is an open space.


Dimensions: length 55cm; depth 31cm; height 25cm

Inscriptions and Marks

On top of box: 2 Star of David's and possibly the start of a third. Six War Department stamps embossed with Broad Arrow. Right-hand side of box: serial number T.41392. Two War Department stamps embossed with War Department Broad Arrow's. N27 Left-hand side of box: Two War Department stamps embossed with Broad Arrow's.


Places Britain


removed 20/04/2005 for conservation