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Composite Bow

Composite Bow



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Purchased 10 August 2004 at a private auction, lot 17. Part of a collection belonging to Commander Patterson

Physical Description

The bow is of typical Chinese / Mongolian form with wide slightly curved limbs and long ears. The grip was originally covered with green rayskin, only a small portion of which remains. The birch bark covering of the limbs is mottled in dark and lighter brown, the black horm on the backs of the limbs being uncovered. The ears are covered with light bark and there are geometric patterns done in strips of bark on the ends of the horn, that originally included characters, only one of which is still readable. The nocks are horn and the string-bridges are staghorn (only one remains, its place taken by a wooden replica.


Dimensions: The distance from knock to knock unstrung is 800 mm, the distance from the grip to the level of the knocks being 255mm Weight: The weight of the bow is 0.685 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

Originally signed but now illegible


Places China

Bibliographic References

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