Object Title

Sword and scabbard

Sword and scabbard



Object Number


Physical Description

Based on French Light Cavalry model 1822.

Inscriptions and Marks

On pommel, on top on rim, stamped: ADK (very small - an inspector's mark? - see Notes), and 46.On hilt, on knuckle-guard, on inside, near pommel, stamped: 46.



For others of the same or similar pattern in the Royal Armouries, see entry for IX.7717, under Notes. IX.7717 has an American sword dealer's name on the blade and is described in the Weedon 1928 list as a U.S cavalry sabre.
Martin Pegler (10/06/04) thought this sword might have been issued to Union troops because the hilt is of better quality than those of IX.7717, 7718 and 7720.
Richard H. Bezdek, 'American swords and sword makers', 2 vols, Paladin Press, Boulder, Colorado, 1994 & 1999, [I], p. 508 gives the initials ADK as belonging to A.D. King, a U.S. government military arms inspector woking from 1831-1865.