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Centrefire bolt-action magazine rifle - Winchester Model 70

Centrefire bolt-action magazine rifle - Winchester Model 70



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Purchased 6 July 2004

Physical Description

A commercial Winchester with walnut stock, chequered forend and pistol grip. It is fitted with a heavy target barrel and there is no provision for iron sights. Two dovetail mounting blocks are fitted, one to the top receiver anfd the other to the barrel for ward of the receiver. A Fecker 12 power scope is fitted, by means of two alloy cradle mounts, with spring retaining pins. This enables the scope to slide forward under recoil. Ther are elevation and windage adjustment scales on the turrets on the rear mount. The objective and ocular lenses are protected by screw-on metal lens caps. The trigger guard and magazinr are standard Winchester, the floorplate of the magazine having a spring release catch. The bolt has a rear angled handle and the early pattern of top-lever safety catch is fitted. Barrel and scope body are blued and in excellent condition


OverallLength1105 mm
BarrelLength591 mm


Serial Number 63899


.30-06 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Receiver: WINCHESTER TRADE MARK and Winchester proof marks


Places America


Refer to The Long Range War by Peter Senich for more information on these rifles.This example falls into the probable serial range for rifles purchased by the U.S. Marine Corps for sniping use.