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Rowel spur

Rowel spur



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Purchased 22 June 2004 from Andrew Lumley. From the collection of Prof Paul Post (1882-1956), curator of the Berlin Zeughaus, formed in Berlin after World War I. (information from A.Lumley).

Physical Description

Of iron, with D section sides curving sharply under the wearer's ankle, rising to the rear where there is no crest. There is a long, diamond section neck dividing into a rowel box holding a small five or six pointed star rowel. At the end of either side is a figure 8 terminal, retaining a fragment of a hook fused to the right. At mid length on the upper edge of the right side is a loop, and there is a fragment of the matching one at the left. The surface is heavily pitted and patinated, the rowel is fused into the rowel box, most of the left terminal is corroded away, and there are extensive losses to various parts.



Dimensions: Length: 222 mm; width: 82 mm Weight: 136 g

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No marks


Places Europe