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Rowel spur

Rowel spur



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Purchased 22 June 2004 from Andrew Lumley. From the collection of Prof Paul Post (1882-1956), curator of the Berlin Zeughaus, formed in Berlin after World War I. (information from A.Lumley).

Physical Description

Of iron, with oval section sides curving under the wearer's ankle, rising to a point at the rear where there is a amygdaloid neck dividing almost immediately and after a moulding into a rowel box with medial ridges holding a large six pointed star rowel, the points shaped like petals. At the end of either side is a figure 8 terminal retaining two iron tabs with hooks for the leathers at the left end. The surface is patinated, and the rowel is fused solidly into the rowel box.



Dimensions: Length: 169 mm; width: 89 mm Weight: 92 g

Inscriptions and Marks

No marks.


Places Europe


Similar but more shapely petal like points are found on a spur excavated from Ludgershall Castle, Wiltshire, found under a building constructed in 1341-3, J Clarke, The medieval horse and its equipment, Museum of London, 1995, fig. 100.