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Prick spur

Prick spur


11th-12th century

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Purchased 22 June 2004 from Andrew Lumley. From the collection of Prof Paul Post (1882-1956), curator of the Berlin Zeughaus, formed in Berlin after World War I (information from A.Lumley).

Physical Description

A small copper alloy spur, with slightly curved sides and a very short round section neck with a small pyramidal goad. The ends of the sides were clearly round with central rivet holes, but most of each has now broken away. The sides are somewhat wavy, as if they have been badly bent and straightened, and there is a nasty gash in the metal at one side, now patinated with the rest, and a very bright coppery section on the goad where the patina has been removed. There are traces of gilding on the goad and an area at the junction of the neck and sides, suggesting the whole piece was originally gilt.


Dimensions: Length: 78 mm; width: 76 mm Weight: 22 g

Inscriptions and Marks

No marks.


Places Europe