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Prick spur

Prick spur


10-11th century

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Purchased from Andrew Lumley, 22 June 2004. From the collection of Professor Paul Post (1882-1956), curator of the Berlin Zeughaus, formed in Berlin after the First World War (information supplied by A. Lumley)

Physical Description

It is of iron, with solid, triangular section sides, a short square section neck and a large conical goad, cut with facets underneath and deeply cut into two flanges on top. The ends of the sides are flattened into two-lobed terminals, each with two small iron rivets with a single washer at the left, for the leathers. The sides and neck are decorated on the upper sides with incised lines, arrowheads near the terminals, zigzags on the neck and outside. The surface is patinated black.



Dimensions: Length: 145 mm; width: 95 mm Weight: 70 g

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Places Europe


Compare RA VI.544-9, especially VI.549, which has a similar but less extreme goad cut into flanges. The type is basically that of R Zschille and R Forrer Der Sporn II, Berlin, 1899, taf. xxiv.2-4.