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Prick spur

Prick spur


9th-11th century

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Purchased 22 June 2004 from Andrew Lumley. From the collection of Prof Paul Post (1882-1956), curator of the Berlin Zeughaus, formed in Berlin after World War I (information from A.Lumley).

Physical Description

The sides are stright,thin and long, of round section, and end in flatened terminals, one retaining all four original rivets (three with tall rounded heads, one with a low dome with a pearled border) and one with a washer inside, the other rather broken, but retaining two rivet holes and traces of two more, for the straps. At the rear is a wider oval area into with the short straight goad is riveted. This is decorated with two grooves near the front.



Dimensions: Width: 95 mm; depth: 126 mm Weight: 24 g

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Places Europe


The form of the terminals is a four-lobed version of those of an otherwise similar spur in the Museum of london (Clarke 1995: 131 no. 318) dated by Blanche Ellis to the 11th-early 12th century, but the overall form is closest to one in the Museum fur Deutsche Geschichte, Berlin, no. 95.3 (Ellis 2002: 2 no. 2), though this had six rivets on its terminals.