Object Title

Pikeman's Pot

Pikeman's Pot


about 1640

Object Number



First registered 29 June 2004 following return from loan to the Australian War Memorial [museum] (reg. no. OL00378.019), being the remains of one of the Loans to the Dominions, sent out in 1921.

Physical Description

The helmet is made in two halves joined along the low medial comb and at the front and rear of the brim by rivets. The brim is narrow and steeply angled at the sides. The main edge has a plain inward turn. The bowl of the helmet is encircled with twelve lining rivets all of which retain their original internal washers. Four of the washers have preserved fragments of leather for the suspension of the cheekpieces. A suspension hole has been pierced in the side of the skull and a further four suspension holes are present on the rea of the brim. Numerous indentations are present on the skull. The exterior and interior surfaces of the helmet have been painted black. The cheekpieces are missing.



HelmetHeight220 mm
HelmetLength345 mm
HelmetWeight1055 g
HelmetWidth250 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped Crowned IR


Places Netherlands


Part of a small group of Dutch pikemen's pots with plain steeply angled brims. The absense of lining rivets on the brim, plume holder or any form of decoration may indicate a later c.1640 date.