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First registered 24 June 2004 following return from loan to the Australian War Memorial [museum] (reg. no. OL00378.033), being the remains of one of the Loans to the Dominions, sent out in 1921.

Physical Description

It is of three quarter bracelet form, made of one plate with a gap at the inside and with a heart shaped wing at the outside and a pucker at the front. The main edge has a roped inward turn, with a recessed border on the wing, and a roped medial ridge with narrow recessed borders runs across the outside. Pronounced angles run from the point of the pucker to the ends of the wing. At the outside centre are three out of four flush rivets, two with external washers and working life replacements, and at the inside centre rear a flush rivet, for the leathers to the vambrace. The exterior is painted black. Towards the point of the elbow at front and rear are later pairs of pierced suspension holes. The centre of the ridge is cracked and it is damaged towards the point of the elbow.



Dimensions: height 122 mm, width 130 mm, depth 180 mm Weight: 308 g

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Places Italy