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Left pauldron

Left pauldron



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First registered 24 June 2004 following return from loan to the Australian War Memorial [museum] (reg. no. OL00378.035), being the remains of one of the Loans to the Dominions, sent out in 1921.

Physical Description

It is composed of a mainplate with two lames above and three lames and a gutter-shaped upper cannon below. The main edges have roped inward turns with recessed borders. The subsidiary edges have medial nicks and single incised lines. The upper lames are articulated by rivets at either end, the lower by rivets at the front, round headed sliding rivets with octagonal washers at the rear, and originally by a central leather, the flush rivets for which survive. The upper cannon has a rough cutaway for the arm, and a flush rivet for the leather to the couter. At the front it has an original buckle with a trapezoid loop, and a flush rivet holds the base of the matching strap at the rear. At the top is another buckle with a trapezoid loop, and the rivet for this retains the base of the matching leather strap. The exterior is painted black. There is an additional hole in the lowe edge of the lower cannon, and the rivets at the front of the lower series have been replaced or added to. However, some retain their original copper alloy caps.


Dimensions: height 336 mm, depth 268 mm Weight: 855 g

Inscriptions and Marks



Places Italy


Clearly part of a possibly Maltese half armour lent to Australia, comprising III.4745-54 and IV.2019.