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Right Pauldron

Right Pauldron



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First registered 24 June 2004 following return from loan to the Australian War Memorial [museum] (reg. no. 5564), being the remains of one of the Loans to the Dominions, sent out in 1921. Possibly from Malta in 1826.

Physical Description

It comprises a main plate with two lames above and four below, connected to a turner and an upper cannon. The main edges have roped inward turns with recessed borders which expand to swirls meeting in a downward point at the centre. The upper and lower lames are riveted back and front, and the lower lames had a medial leather attached by flush rivets. The upper cannon is tubular, with roped main edges. At its lower corners is a flush rivet and a broken out rivet hole for the leathers to the couter. At the centre of the upper lame are two rivet holes for the strap and buckle. There is a large crack at the lower edge of the upper cannon. The exterior is painted black.



Dimensions: height 335 mm, depth 290 mm Weight: 1165 g

Inscriptions and Marks



Places Italy


Sent to Australia as part of a possibly Maltese half armour with III.4745-54 and IV.2019.