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Quiver and six arrows

Quiver and six arrows



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Presented 6 June 2004

Physical Description

The quiver is made from a length of bamboo painted black and attached by bamboo ties to a rectangulat basket open at the upper narrow edge. There is a band of more open work weaving at the mid point of the basket. At the top of the basket, around the mouth, is a separate band of basketwork. Down both long sides of the basket are slats of bamboo, their upper ends carved narrow and rounded and extending beyond the mouth of the basket. The quiver was worn with a shoulder strap of braided bamboo that is tied to the quiver and basket. The quiver contains six arrows with bamboo shafts. Four of the arrows have leaf shaped socketed heads, the other two with barbed heads. All of the arrows have four small fletchings held in place by bindings and some black substance.


Dimensions: The length of the quiver is 520 mm, the length of the basket being 300 mm and the width of the basket is 85 mm. Each arrow is 520 mm long. Weight: The weight of the quiver is 0.288 kg, the total weight of the six arrows being 0.088 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks




This is thought to be a Naga quiver.