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Waist plate

Waist plate



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Purchased 27 January 2004 from Andrew Lumley. From a private collection in Germany. From the armoury of the Knights of St John on Rhodes. Acquired by the Paris dealer Bachereau about 1900. Purchased about 1920 by Luigi Marzoli, Brescia. (verbal information from Andrew Lumley).

Physical Description

This is formed of a single piece, with a relatively narrow upper section angled into the waist, and a shorter flange below the waist. At the right end of the upper edge is a broken out rivet hole, and at the left end the remains of a rivet, for the attachment of the upper backplate; at the right of the waist is a rivet hole for a waist strap (the corresponding area is corroded away and the left), while at the left end of the lower edge is a round headed rivet with a washer, and at the right end two rivet holes, one broken out, for the attachment of the fauld. The whole is in corroded state, with damage to all edges.



Dimensions: height 75 mm, width 265 mm Weight: 202 g

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The closest comparison from the Rhodes corpus is part of the breastplate and fauld Museum of the Order of St John no. 2629 (Karcheski and Richardson 2000 no. 4.32), and the same form is seen on other globose breastplates of the period, such as Mantua B10 (Boccia 1982: tav. 414-6). The very small size is seen in a number of breastplates of the turn of the 16th century in which the waist is artificially narrowed, taking up only a small section of the actual waist of the mainplate, such as Royal Armouries III.73, 85. The acute angle of the waist, taken with the flat upper edge, suggests this is from a breastplate rather than a backplate, while the rounded rather than angled waist suggest an earlier date.