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O-sode (Shoulder guards), pair

O-sode (Shoulder guards), pair


1333 - 1573

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Purchased 28 July 2003

Physical Description

The o-sode are of six rows of black lacquered hon kozane, the seventh hishinui row being of textured gold lacquer in the Kaga manner. The kanmuri ito is black lacquered externally and bordered by a plain gilt rim. It is decorated by three applied kamon, of graduated size, in silver. Below this is a kessho no ita covered with shobugawa decorated with three gilt kanamono. The rear of the kanmuri no ita is covered in plain dark blue leather. These kanamono have a plain border and the space filled with delicate scrolling foliage. Each kanamono is held in place by two gilt rivets having their heads done as kamon, the backgrounds being punched with nanako. There is a kogai kanamono attached to the fourth row of scales from the top, decorated like the others in scrolls. This kanamono is held by a large rivet whose head is decorated by a kamon and also carries a ring for a silk cord, and a small rivet whose head is shaped like the termonal leaf of a scroll. The cord is of red silk, double where it knots to the ring, becoming merged into a single cord. The sode are laced in purple silk, the mimi ito being white, yellow, purple and green. The hishinui are red.


Dimensions: The length of the sode are 398 mm the width being 349 mm. Weight: The weight of the left sode being 1.6 kg, the right being the same.

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Places Japan


The kamon on all of the rivet heads, and on the silver badges decorating the kanmuri ita, is tht used by members of the Watanabe family (see. Seishi, Kamon no Jiten, Tokyo 1995, p 51)