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Optical sight

Optical sight



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Presented 5 August 2003

Physical Description

A Zeiss prismatic ranging sight for use on the Maxim MG08 machine gun. It comprises a black painted body with mounting lug on the lower right side. The eyepiece has a rubber eyecup and gives a V pointer image, instead of the more common post and retile found on rifle telescopic sights. There is a heavy brown leather carry case and strap.

Inscriptions and Marks

numerous possible serial numbers, including 1865, 1525, 1857.


Places Germany


The process of purchasing this item was put into motion shortly after this item was deposited with RA on 20 November 1998. However, either payment was not made for whatever reason or the record of any payment has been lost. The owner, via an e-mail correspondence, decided to make a gift of this item to resolve any uncertainty as to our title to it. (see inventory file)