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Sword and scabbard

Sword and scabbard



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Presented 5 August 2003

Physical Description

Probably post 1883. The hilt consists of a brass, oval-sectioned, domed pommel; a cross-guard, widening around the blade, with short quillons which have recurved disc terminals; and composition grip scales, slightly shaped to the hand, attached to the full-width tang by five rivets.

The straight, slightly waisted blade has a ricasso, a saw-edged back, a double-edged spear pojnt and a braod fuller near the back on the outside face only.

The black leather scabbard has brass locket and chape, the former with a fairly thick mouthpiece (attached by a single steel screw), and a square staple on the outside; the chape, with a prominent button, has a pair of engraved lines across the outside face. The leather, stitched up the inside, has a longitudinal tooled line near each edge, on both faces.

Condition on acquisition (August 2003): quite good: back edge of blade slot of scabbard mouthpiece worn by saw-backed blade; chape a little scratched and dented; scabbard leather a little rubbed and cut (especially on back edge). Identified with concentric corrosion, February 2005.


Dimensions: Sword: Overall length: 643 mm (25 5/16 in.), Blade length: 500 mm (19 11/16 in.), Scabbard: Length: 517 mm (20 3/8 in.) Weight: Sword: 820 g, Scabbard: 288 g

Inscriptions and Marks

On the blade, on the outside, near the hilt, stamped: ...ERG / & CIE / ...N (probably the remains of Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Cie, Solingen); a mark comprising a cross in a circle (the Swiss 'ordnance' mark).On the blade, on the inside, near the hilt, the remains of numbers: ...847 (probably originally 5 digets) over ...83 (probably originally 3 digits), all the digits separately struck.On the scabbard, on the locket, on the inside near the base and on the mouthpiece, stamped: 562.


Places Switzerland


For this pattern generally, see H Schneider and J A Meier, 'Griffwawwen', Dietikon-Zurich, Verlag Stocker-Schmid, 1971, p. 137.
For the probable maker's mark, see J Walter, 'The sword and bayonet makers of Imperial Germany', 1871-1918, Brighton, Lyon Press, 1973, no. 177, where the date range is given as 1883-1930.
The process of purchasing this item was put into motion shortly after this item was deposited with RA on 20 November 1998. However, either payment was not made for whatever raeson or the record of any payment has been lost. The owner, via an e-mail correspondence, decided to make a gift of this item to resolve any uncertainty as to our title to it. (see inventory file).