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Old Tower Collections. First registered in Brick Tower Store, Rack 12L, 1987.

Physical Description

Brass hilt comprising pommel-cap with stepped top; and a D form knuckle-guard made in one with the almost straight rear quillon which has a disc finial inclined towards the blade. No blade release catch on guard. Ribbed leather-covered wood grip with a plain brass ferrule at the end nearest the blade. Curved single-edged blade, with a short ricasso, terminating in a double-edged spear point, with a broad, shallow fuller, towards the back, extending from the hilt for three quarters of its length.

Variations, losses, damage, etc: Blade painted.


BladeLength597 mm
BladeWidth38 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

On outside of blade, by the hilt, stamped: 'PARKER FIELD & SONS / 233 HOLBORN LONDON'.


Places Britain


For hilts of this general type, with and without blade release catches, see Kent Sales, Special Sale Supplement, 175, 16th August 1991, Lots 37-39 (plates are unnumbered). A batch of these (Law Enforcement Type B) were in the Brick Tower Store when first registered: IX.7553-IX.7561.
According to W.E. May and P.G.W. Annis, 'Swords for Sea Service', London, 1970, Vol. II, p.297, the name of Parker Field and Sons is recorded at the (High) Holborn address from 1842 until 1876. For further references on the firm see entry for IX.469, under Notes.