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Military combination tool

Military combination tool



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Purchased 1 July 2003

Physical Description

Made completely of iron/steel and comprising:
1. Cylindrical body, at one end having a square cavity to fit the flats on the nipple; the opposite end hollowed out and plugged by a thumsbcrew to serve as an oil reservoir. The thumbscrew has a short, narrow blunt spigot attached to serve as an applicator. At one side of the body, close to the bottom in which the nipple wrench is formed, is a shallow projection with a slit in it and which serves as a housing for the tip of the vent or nipple pricker. The pricker itself is a long spike, flattened and broadened at one end and drilled to take a screw by means of which it is attached to the body. At the top of the body, the diameter is reduced to create a shouldered spigot to which is fitted the cross arm.
2. Cross arm: this has a swelling at its center in which a hole is formed and by means of which it is seated securely on the body. One end of the cross arm is flattened to form a turnscrew, the opposite end being rounded and threaded at the tip and to which is attached the worm.
3. Worm: this is a double pronged worm, the arms terminating in a cylindrical boss with a threaded hole in the centre. This hole serves both the attach the worm to the tool when not in use and to attach it to the threaded end of the ramrod for use


Dimensions: Overall length: 90 mm (3.5 in), Overall width: 100 mm (3.15 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

On the flat of the turnscrew, T P; on the edge of the turnscrew, near the central boss, crown over B over 5. The body of the worm also carries a mark which is very indistinct but may be a repetition of that above


Places Britain