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Rifle sight (unfinished)

Rifle sight (unfinished)



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Ex Greenwood and Batley Ltd., Leeds via the collection of Geoffrey Brown. Purchased 17 October 1999

Physical Description

1. Sight bed, being a block of iron/steel, profiled on the underside to seat on the barrel and on the uper sisde having two bosses for the leaf axis pin, two raised wings for the sight slider to ride on and give elevation, and a central channel, partly open, into which the leaf spring fits. The bed is in the white, and in an unfinished state.
2. A leaf of usual form, being rectangular in shape with a boss at the lower end to carry the axis pin and to fit between the two bosses on the bed, and having the central portion removed. The two longer limbs of the leaf are stamped with graduation lines and numbers indicating ranges in steps of 100 yards. The upper portion of the leaf, which functions as a V sight when the leaf is lying flat, is not yet fitted. The whole is in the white.
3. A leaf spring blank, being tapered along its length, slightly bevelled on the edges, and retaining the flash from the stamping operation in which it was produced.
4. A group of eight pieces showing how the slider is manufactured from a strip of steel, through the initial pressing and folding stages followed by various machining and finishing operations. The final stage, in which the sighting notch has been cut, is absent from this group.

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