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Sword (tachi) blade

Sword (tachi) blade



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Physical Description

The blade is shinogi zukuri with a high shinogi, fumbari and torii zori. The hada is a fine itame with areas of ko mokume. The hamon is a narrow sugu ba mainly in ko nie with some inazumi becoming almost ni ju ba in places. The boshi is ko maru with sagari with ji nie. The nakago is ubu and rather soshu in appearance, having a curved edge and terminating in a small kuri jiri. There is only one tang hole.


Dimensions: The nagasa is 698 mm, the sori is 18 mm, the length of the tang is 194 mm, the width at the machi is 31 mm, the width at the yokote is 17 mm, the length of the kissaki being 29 mm. Weight: Blade 680 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

Signed tachi mei: Bitchu kuni ju Sadatsugu.


Places Japan


This blade corresponds to the work of the Aoe group of Bitchu (Okayama prefecture). Accompanying this blade is a polisher's origami issued by Kotoken Kajihara of Fukuoka dated August 1st 1985 stating that the signature is genuine and that the blade is considered to be good work. It also states that Sadatsugu did not leave many blades behind and that this sword should be regarded as a rare example of his work. Hawley records two Aoe smiths signing as Sadatsugu with these characters, dated respectively 1381 signing Bitchu kuni ju Sadatsugu and 1391 signing Bitchu kuni junin Sadatsugu, Swordsmiths revised p. 647.