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Rifle sight

Rifle sight



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Ex Greenwood and Batley Ltd., Leeds via the collection of Geoffrey Brown. Purchased 17 October 1999

Physical Description

The complete sight consists of a bed and a two-part telescopic ladder.

1. Bed. This is of conventional form, having a hollow underside to seat on the barrel, and an upper portion having two projecting lugs to house the ladder axis pin and a dovetailed longitudinal channel to house the spring which is secured by a screw. The front end of the bed is rounded, the rear end square and the whole tapering upwards from front to rear.

2. The leaf consists of two parts, one fixed by the axis pin to the bed, and the second held by clamps to the first, allowing to slide. The leaves are cut with V sighting notches, allowing the sight to be used with the leaves horizontal or in the up position. The lower leaf, when vertical, carries ranges marked on its rear face. The ranges marked on the left hand limb (4 - 12 hundred metres) denote the ranges for the lower ladder. The ranges on the right hand limb (14 - 18 hundred metres) denote the ranges when the extending ladder is used.

3. The spring is housed in the dovetail cahnnel in the bed and is secured by a screw. It bears on a swelling of the lower ladder, securing it in the up or down position whilst allowing rotation between the two positions.

All parts of this sight are in the white.

In addition, there are a bed, with its axis pin, an upper ladder, and a small pin gauge for checking the size of the axis pin hole.

Accompanying these items is a small slip of paper with the pencilled inscription
Standard parts of rear sight for French rifle. Tested in the Standard gauges supplied to the French Govt./ May 1st/ 1882

Inscriptions and Marks

The gauge pin is stamped CURSEUR and 2.53, the latter denoting diameter in millimetres. At the bottom of the lower leaf is the designation 350. Apart frpm the graduations, no other marks are apparent.


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