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Sword and scabbard - Sword and scabbard, modelled on the 1899 Pattern sword

Sword and scabbard - Sword and scabbard, modelled on the 1899 Pattern sword



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Purchased at auction: Wallis and Wallis, 30 April 2003. Accessioned 28 May 2003.

Physical Description

Modelled on that of the 1899 Pattern sword, having a sheet steel bowl guard, the portion closest to the blade having a flanged rim (unlike the 1899 pattern which has a plain rim to the guard). Grip of wood, cut with a coarse diamond shaped chequering and heavily lacquered or varnished which shows shrinkage and flaking on close examination. On the back face of the grip, close to the hilt, a small portion is removed to form a slight depression as a thumb rest. A narrow steel/iron ferrule is fitted at the end closest to the blade. Pommel of steel/iron, of heavy, bulbous form and having a long projecting beak which follows the curvature of the guard where it joins the pommel. The outside face of the pommel is cut with diamond shaped chequering. A slot for a sword knot is cut through the narrow portion of the guard and the elongated beak of the pommel. Single edged blade, spear pointed and slightly curved and having a wide fuller each side. The cutting edge side of the blade, close to the guard, steps outwards to form a shoulder on which the guard is seated. It appears to be the 1899 Pattern blade, and is actually dated as such on the back edge close to the hilt. It also carries the date of 1901 in abbreviated form.
Scabbard is of the same general form that appeared with the 1882 Pattern sword and subsequent variants in so far it is of sheet steel folded and brazed together at the front edge, and is fitted with two fixed suspension rings on front and back edges just below the mouth. The mouthpiece itself is a separate item, fitting over the scabbard body and secured by two screws through the edges. The mouth itself is markedly flared. The mouthpiece is dated 1894 and has markings indicating a Royal Artillery association. A heavy protective shoe is also fitted.


ScabbardWeight0.9 kg
ScabbardWeight2 lb
Scabbardlength35.4 in
Scabbardlength900 mm
SwordWeight1.3 kg
SwordWeight2.9 lb
BladeWidth1.3 in
BladeWidth33 mm
Bladelength33.5 in
Bladelength850 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

broad arrow, 'EFD', crown/80/E, and 'X'inside face of ricasso
back edge of blade
back edge of scabbard
outside face of ricasso
stamped badly once and restamped more clearly
scabbard mouthpeice
scabbard, back edge, just below suspension loop


Places Britain


This sword, according to the auction catalogue, is that illustrated in Robson, Brian, 'Swords of the British Army: the Regulation patterns 1788 to 1914', first edition, Arms and Armour Press, London, 1975; page 49. However, it is not featured in the revised edition (National Army Museum, London, 1996)