Object Title

Knife bayonet

Knife bayonet


about 1980

Object Number



Transferred from Humberside Police 21 May 2003. 2003 police amnesty

Physical Description

Hilt: fitted with moulded black plastic grips around the tang of the blade. The pommel is steel with a 'T' slot for the bayonet stud and a push button locking latch. The pommel is secured to the tang by a screw passing through from the inside face of the pommel.The cross guard has a full muzzle ring at one extremity and a hook at the end of the other, very short, arm of the cross guard.
Blade: of a non-rusting steel with bowie knife shape having a clipped point and blunt partial false edge. The back edge is chamfered on one face and partial file cut to create a saw edge. The blade is of the wire cutter variety and has an elongated hole slightly forward of the centre. In its wire cutting function, this hole engages the blade with a stud on the scabbard, allowing it to pivot and act in a shearing motion.
The scabbard is a composite of pressed steel components rivetted together. The upper portion of the scabbard is covered by a rubber sleeve, shrouding the attachment of the suspension loop, to which is attached a leather belt suspender and retaing strap for the hilt.


Dimensions: Overall length: 260mm, Blade length: 138mm.

Inscriptions and Marks

On the grip, what may be a mark consisting of a spiral line (or this may be a flaw and the number 179904


Places Russia