Object Title

Knife bayonet

Knife bayonet


about 1930

Object Number



Transferred from Humberside Police 21 May 2003. 2003 police amnesty

Physical Description

Hilt of steel with two wooden scales secured by two rivets with washers. The cross guard has a complete muzzle ring at one extremity and on the opposite side, the guard is angled towards the blade.
The pommel has a blunt beaked form and is fitted with the typical press button securing latch, having the button facing the inside of the hilt when worn. It would appear that the hilt was originally blued but is now bare metal.
The blade is straight, single edged, spear pointed and has a single fuller each side.
The scabbard is of steel and fitted with a locket secured by two rivets on the front and rear 'edges', a frig button and a button at the tip. The body of the scabbard has two impressed longitudinal ribs along its central portion. The whole is blued, apart from the locket rivets which are bright.


Dimensions: Overall length: 415mm., Blade length: 300mm.

Inscriptions and Marks

Blade: at the ricasso, on the inside face, the name 'FISKARS'. on the back of the tang between the grip scales, the number 26045.


Places Finland


See 'Janzens Notebook', p 64 and 'The Bayonet Book' by Watts and White, p 79, for descriptions of this model of bayonet.