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Object Title

Limber - for 18 pounder field gun

Limber - for 18 pounder field gun



Object Number

XIX.529 A



Physical Description

Comprised in essence of a sturdy wooden box with a hinged lid containing 24 compartments for 24 fixed rounds. The rear of the box has a robust hook to which the towing eye of the gun carriage is attached. The pole trail is then arranged with the necessary equipment to be drawn by a team of six horses. A second and separate horse team of six towed an ammunition wagon and a wagon limber which carried 38 rounds in each as well as the detachment of ten men.


Inscriptions and Marks



The steel ammunition box on the limber carried 24 rounds of fixed ammunition. Usually, it was fitted on the underside with wire net receptacles for carrying canvaswater buckets with fittings to carry a 3 lb grease tin and two No. 3 lubricating cans 9one for Rangoon and one for buffer oil). Accompanying the gun and carriage and limber was an ammunition wagon carrying a further 38 rounds, itself drawn by a six-horse team.

Image of Limber for 18 pounder field gun XIX.529
Image of 18 pounder QF (quick-firing) field, by Vickers, Sons and Maxim, 1918, Britain. (XIX.529) © Jonty Wilde