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Sample display showing friction tube manufacture - By Greenwood and Batley

Sample display showing friction tube manufacture - By Greenwood and Batley



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Purchased 17 October 1999. Ex Greenwood and Batley Ltd., Leeds

Physical Description

Comprises a brass sheet, with a finger slots at one end, stamped 'GREENWOOD & BATLEY LEEDS' and to which are soldered components representing the various stages in the manufacture of a friction tube .
The manufacture of the main tube is shown using 12 components:

1. copper strip from which discs are punched
2. copper disc and
3. the initial cup formed from it
4 to 10. stages in drawing the cup into a closed tube of correct diameter
11. tube trimmed to correct length
12. fire hole pierced

The next 4 items show the manufacture of the cross-tube:
1. pre-drawn tube as starting material
2. one end closed
3. tube slit
4. sides of the slit flattened and shaped to wrap around the main tube.
The cross tube is then soldered to the main body so that its axis coincides with the fire-hole.

The igniter strip is punched from a strip of brass complete with serrations. The head of the igniter strip then has a hole punched in it for attaching a lanyard, followed by straightening/flattening to remove any deformities.

The final item in the display is an assembled tube with the igniter strip crimped into position. Before this could happen in practice, the inside of the cross-tube would need to have the igniter composition inserted.

NB The assembled tube is present but detached from the brass plate.


Dimensions: overall length: 408mm, width: 100mm


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