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Centrefire rifle cartridge

Centrefire rifle cartridge



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Ex Greenwood and Batley Ltd., Leeds via the collection of Geoffrey Brown. Purchased 17 October 1999

Physical Description

A rimmed straight brass case with pocket to receive a large Berdan-type primer, and a nickel jacketed cylindro-conoidal bullet with a slightly flattened tip. The bullet has two narrow and one wide central cannelure. The lower extremity of the case has an oblique cut extending through the primer pocket to reveal construction details and the bullet has a quadrant section removed longitudinally.
A piece of paper coiled in the case reads
'Sample case and bullet from Em Tripone (?) Paris./ See letter Jan 6th 1891/ Spanish Mod Navy'


Dimensions: Overall length: 76.3 mm, Case length: 57.26 mm, Bullet diameter: 11.21 mm


11 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

'A 7 87'


Places Spain