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Sample display showing cartridge manufacture - Mauser Model 1876 by Greenwood and Batley

Sample display showing cartridge manufacture - Mauser Model 1876 by Greenwood and Batley



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Ex Greenwood and Batley Ltd., Leeds via the collection of Geoffrey Brown. Purchased 17 October 1999

Physical Description

Comprises a brass plate shaped to form a skeleton handle at one end and to which are soldered samples to show the various stages in the manufacture of a brass cartridge case for the Prussian Mauser Model 1876.
The samples are in two rows, numbered 1 to 17; with the exception of item 1, the remainder show the whole sample alongside a sectioned version.
The stages represented by these samples are detailed and comprise:
1. a punched blank (brass disc)
2. the first stage in formimg represented by a cupped brass disc
3. the second stage in which the first cup is enlarged slightly and the wall thickness reduced
4. the first stage of the drawing operatiion in which the cup in 2 is converted into a more cyluindrical form
5. the second drawing in which the cyinder is lengthened and more perfectly shaped
6. the third draw, extending the length of the tube
7. flattening the end of the drawn cylinder
8. fourth drawing, lengthening the cylinder once more
9. indenting the closed end as a preliminary step in forming the primer chamber
10. the final drawing which lengthens and produces the final wall thickness of the case^11. the case trimmed to length
12. formimg the rimmed head and completing forming the primer chamber
13. the head trimmed to finished size
14. forming the neck of the case
15. piercing the fire holes in the primer chamber
16. correcting the final shape of the anvil as an integral part of the primer chamber
17. final trimming to length.

NB some of the mouths of the cases are slightly damaged or distorted.


Dimensions: overall length: approx 17.375 in (442mm), max width (of mounting plate): approx. 6 in (150mm)

Inscriptions and Marks

The handle portion is engraved with the details' PRUSSIAN CARTRIDGE (MAUSER) 1876' on one arm and on the other'GREENWOOD & BATLEY, LEEDS'