Object Title

Spear head

Spear head


1200 BC

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Returned from long-term loan to Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford (L 396) 3rd January 2003. Found in River Ouse. Possibly presented to the Royal Armouries by E. Church, 1841.

Physical Description

Pegged leaf-shaped socketted spear head, dating from the Penard phase of c.1200 BC onwards.


Dimensions: Length: 283 mm, Width: 49 mm (max). Weight: 245.7g (7.9 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

C x 2 / 356. 'V' shape cut out of blade for analysis (see Allen et al, 1970)


Places England

Bibliographic References

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Pitt Rivers Museum number 1915.48.26. 1859-1890 Armouries number I.67. 1890-1914 Armouries number I.26.