Object Title

Sword blade (tegha)

Sword blade (tegha)



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Returned from long-term loan to Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford (L 396) 6 January 2003. Probably from the Codrington collection, 1863.

Physical Description

The blade is of massive proportions, curved and single-edged. The sides are somewhat concave near the back. The tang is roughly forged and has a recent hole drilled towards the end.


Dimensions: The length of the blade is 827 mm, the thickness near the base is 15 mm and the length of tang is 110 mm. Weight: The weight of the blade is 3.420 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

On one side of the blade is a row of five star shapes. On the opposite side are two 'eye-lash' marks between two dots, a linear snake mark and near the cutting edge a large petalled mark. The blade has attached a Dillon number on a brass diamond marked 15 / 768 and a paper label marked: Blade of a very heavy sabre INDIA Lent from the Tower Armoury 1915 [768].



The Dillon number does not correspond with a valid 1870 Ad no. This should be Ad. 339 or 340, Hewltt 1870 p. 11, which became Dillon 1910 nos xv.780-781.