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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

It is rectangular with a rounded top and a central ridge narrowing to the top where it had a projecting beak, now broken away and lost. It is of wood covered with gesso and painted. The design has a central Gothic minuscule letter, possibly U, surrounded by rays and surmounted by a crown, with a lower panel of scales, all bordered by a band of (unread) Gothic letters. Above the centre is the arms of Zwickau, gules three swans argent, probably added later. Inside are two iron staples at the left and one at the right, for carrying straps, a leather grip at the centre and an iron buckle below. At the top of the ridge is an iron crossbar for the prop, and just above that the remains of a leather strap.

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Hundred Years War


Dimensions: Length 1168 mm (46 in.); width at top: 622 mm ( 24.5 in.); width at base: 598 mm (23.5 in.) Weight: 22 lb 12 oz


Places Bohemia

Bibliographic References

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Suggested in that this might be one of the forty pavises ordered from Bohmeia for Zwickau in 1441, see H Nickel, 'Ceremonial arrowheads from Bohemia', Metropolitan Museum Journal 1, 1968, 61-93.