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Purchased from the Trustees of J. G. Mann, 1981. From the Bargello Museum, Florence, Amiels Collection; bought by S. J. Whawell; bought by F. H. Cripps-Day; given to Mann in 1939; 1958 Ms. Inventory; formerly AL. 23 104; transferred from III.1705

Physical Description

The visor is pear-shaped, with a blunt pointed snout, above which is a broad embossed ridge with a quadrangular sight at either side of a medial channel. The edges are plain. At either side of the snout are 3 pierced breaths. At the top is a heavy hinged fastening. The base of the hinge is triangular and attached to the outside with rivets. The hasp is pierced with two quadrangular slots within the medial channel. The tip of the snout is damaged, with a large, jagged hole.

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Hundred Years War





OverallHeight248 mm
OverallWeight300 g
OverallWidth131 mm

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Places Italy

Bibliographic References

C. Paggiarino, The Royal Armouries, masterpieces of medieval and renaissance arms and armour, Milan, 2011, volume 1


The visor appears in a photograph in an anotated copy of G. Laking, 'A Record of European Armour', (London, 1920-2) Vol.I part 6 fp.241, while in the Whalwell collection. It is shown perched incongruously on the Italian sallet (Southeby's 3-6.5.1927 lot 227, bought by S.V. Grancsay). The closest comparable piece was in the R T Gwynn collection (sold Christie's 24 April 2001 lot 75). Another similar visor is in the Museo Stibbert, Florence, Inv. No.3575, published in Poppi, Castelli dei Conti Guidi, Mostra di Armi Antiche (1967) no.19, which has a rather flatter profile.