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Presented by a private donor, 10 July 2002. Formerly part of the collection of her husband.

Physical Description

This iron tsuba is almost round with a rounded outer edge. The frame takes the form of a cresecent moon, thickened on the left with bands of mist or clouds running across it. Flying in the upper right is a realistically carved goose. Two of the bands of mist on the front, and one on the back, are gilded with overlay. The seppa dai has copper seki gane and there are no hitsu frames, the spaces in the design performing that function.


Dimensions: The thickness of the tsuba is 4.5mm, the width is 67mm and the height is 71mm. Weight: The weight of the tsuba is 0.076 kg.

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Places Japan

Bibliographic References

I Bottomley, An introduction to Japanese swords, Leeds, 2008:


An extremely fine tsuba for a katana by the Akasaka group. I Nihon To Koza translated by Afu Watson Volume VI, Kodogu Part 1, p193 is a very similar tsuba of the moon crossed by bands of mist but without the goose. On page 188 geese are mentioned as a speciality of the group. The genealogy of the group is confusing, but the first three did not seem to sign their work, although there is also a reference to a dated piece by the shodai (?). Deryk Ingham incudes a note that G. Curtis did not think it Shodai because he made three piece tsuba, although there is no mention of that in Kozan. In all probability this is a late piece by a member of the group.