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Sword (katana)

Sword (katana)



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Presented by a private donor, 10 July 2002. Formerly part of the collection of her husband.

Physical Description

A beautiful graceful blade of shinogi zukuri form, iori mune, slightly sakizori with a high shinogi. There is considerable fumbari and the kissaki is relatively small. The hada is mainly itame with patches of masame in the shinogi ji whilst the hamon is notare in nioi with some nie and touches of masame in the ha. The boshi is o maru. Long elegant nakago with a irayamagata tip and light kiri yasurimei. The tang is ubu. The signature is divided between the two sides.

The blade is mounted with a standard army hilt having an oval silver plaque applied to the kabutogane and a blue and brown sword knot. The tsuba is solid and the dai seppa only are stamped 10. The blade is in a plain wooden scabbard covered with brown leather and fitted with a rather unusual hanger that seems to be tied to the wood and is missing its suspension ring. _


Dimensions: The nagasa is 686mm, the sori is 13mm, the length of tang is 185mm, the width at the machi is 31mm, the width at the yokote is 19mm, the length of the kissaki is 27mm, the length of the hilt is 255mm, the length of the scabbard is 752mm and the overall length is 1021mm. Weight: blade 0.65 kg, mount 0.66 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

The blade is signed on the omote: Hitachi no daijo Fujiwara Narisada, and on the ura: Echizen no ju. The silver plaque on the hilt has the characters: Otsuka - a family name.


Places Japan


An Echizen Shimosaka smith. Hawley, in Japanese Swordsmiths, lists only one Narisada NA464 living in Echizen and gives his working date as 1624. He also signed 'Hitachi Ome Narisada' and 'Hitachi Daijo Shimosaka Narisada'